We are in a time of the most intense historic churn I've ever experienced. Times like these call for the most grounded, imaginative leadership we can tap. After a long absence forced by external events, I'm so looking forward to reconnecting with the women of ROLROE and to our practice of deep self-knowledge and care for all. I know it'll help me contribute what I must to this moment.” – Rinku Sen, Senior Strategist, Race Forward

“ROLROE is renewing and revitalizing, and so needed by women change-makers now, as it reconnected me to my deepest inner knowing and source.” –  Nina Simons, co-founder of Bioneers.

The leaders of this retreat, Polly, Jean and Janice each bring such unique gifts and capabilities.  It is nearly impossible to write in just a few sentences how meaningful, deep and transformative this retreat was for me.  From the bodywork, dream work, weaving mythology and personal stories together to the informal meals and hikes we shared, our leaders were able to both guide us through our individual journeys all the while mindful that the group may need to linger longer here or there to uncover more wisdom. I can't wait for next year!  Eleanor Harrison


"Reclaiming Our Lives/Reclaiming Our Earth" truly changed my life. Polly, Janice, and Jean create an amazingly nurturing, safe environment in which to explore our dreams, our inner lives, and our creativity. From the beauty of the surroundings to the wisdom and heart of my teachers and companions, this retreat far exceeded my expectations. Long after I returned home, its effects continue to blossom.   Joy Dickinson

The “Reclaiming our Lives, Reclaiming our Earth” retreat was deeply valuable for my own learning, and I am most thankful that I attended. It offered me an opportunity, in a safe and well-designed process, to delve into some of my shadow material and express emotions and insights in ways that felt healing and transformative. The experiential structure of the retreat, informed by Marion Woodman’s seminal work on the feminine, held in a beautiful and conducive retreat site, with three skillful and complementary facilitators all combined to create optimal conditions for deep work. Afterward, I felt like I had reclaimed parts of myself that had been previously disconnected, and was able to integrate them as part of my wholeness.   Anonymous

Reclaiming our Lives Workshop was the deepest workshop/retreat I had ever experienced. I have been to many over my lifetime but none hit my core as this journey into my Soul. I felt the call to go deeper within to the part of myself I had Lost. Our workshop Leaders were highly skilled in leading me into my Lost Underworld and Out safely. They taught me that the ways of the Underworld are Perfect. I am now Coming Home to Myself in integrity and peace.  
– Theresa Kowalczyk