A BodySoul Community Workshop for Women
Race Brook Lodge, Sheffield Massachusetts
April 12, 2016 - April 17, 2016


Henry David Thoreau wrote, “In wildness is the preservation of the world.”   In this retreat we will access our own wildness, the wildness that Dionysus and the women who were enthused by his energy embodied in ancient Greece. Following the thread of Euripedes’ The Bacchae, we will examine the tragedy that devolves when unbridled emotions return from exile to the public square.  Today, the world is in a frenzy of rampant greed, aggression and resultant violence.   Where are we in this play? Can we access the chaos internally and  move from projection and blame to an embodied wisdom where  we live from and through the tension of the opposites:  love and fear, rage and joy, loss and attachment?  We are all these feelings, and will explore them through dreams, movement, voice, the visual arts and time spent in the natural world.  

 We invite you to join us in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains in early spring, where as a circle of women we will create a container that is safe enough to contain both the unruly and the sublime.


As we come together, we will be held by the wisdom and love that will naturally emerge.

A BodySoul Community Workshop for Women

Inspired by the Marion Woodman Foundation Mission Statement: To continue the tradition of BodySoul Rhythms® work, as developed by Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton, and Ann Skinner through trained teams. The BodySoul Rhythms® work has a strong base in C.G. Jung, and supports the individual’s process of working towards consciousness, and the contained group process of descending into the unconscious and the body.  The BodySoul Rhythms® work holds that psyche and soma are inseparable, and must be worked on together to come to consciousness—to the positive feminine in our bodies and the positive masculine in our creative pursuits.